Mobile usability testing

My biggest impression when researching this week’s assignment — designing a mobile usability testing plan — was how smaller technology has made things much easier. Specifically, I’m thinking about the camera.

Ten years ago, the size of most cameras would have been a big constraint on testing scenarios. (Although ten years ago, most people didn’t yet use smart phones.) Yet now that HD cameras are smaller and light-weight, we can use rigs such as the one shown below.

Image from

Contrast that with a fixed rig such as this, which would force a test participant to hold their phone at an angle which might be unnatural to them.

Image from

The camera in this picture is still small, but the structure of this rig would be required to hold a heavier camera.

The smaller the tech, the more natural the testing environment?

Note: This blog was written during Usability II week 5.


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