Is remote research right?

Today I was struck by a section from our readings. Overall, our readings this week pertained to the benefits (and negatives) of remote research, but I noted a particular finding described in a remote research session in the textbook. The book is Remote Research by Nate Bolt and Tony Tulathimutte.

Page 12
Page 13

This shows how powerful it can be to have the stakeholders observing a session in real-time, yes, but also the power of usability testing to snap a design team out of their self-described “myopia.”

Having dabbled in content creation — in this case, a historical fantasy novel—I have felt the “aha!” moment of having the purpose of my project snapped into sharp focus. It’s immensely clarifying, it saves a ton of what might have been wasted time and effort, and it’s motivating all at once.

With invention, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds.

Note: This blog was written during Usability II week 1.


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