Eye-tracking technology

We’re learning about eye-tracking this week. Since this technology is relatively new and so quickly developing, I did some independent research of where eye-tracking is today. This video is pretty fun—where do women look when they look at men? There’s a similar video of men looking at women at the end. The problem with these […]

Mobile usability testing

My biggest impression when researching this week’s assignment — designing a mobile usability testing plan — was how smaller technology has made things much easier. Specifically, I’m thinking about the camera. Ten years ago, the size of most cameras would have been a big constraint on testing scenarios. (Although ten years ago, most people didn’t […]

The importance of pilot tests

I listened to the audio from a lecture at the AI Summit 2011 called “Unmoderated, Remote Usability Testing: Good or Evil?” It was an excellent lecture by Kyle Soucy and I recommend giving it a listen if the subject matter interests you. Even better, you can find it in iTunes under podcasts. My main takeaway? Do […]

UX-ing the Disney World website

I chose to run my remote usability study on the Disney website. I’m a bit of a Disney freak at the moment. Since I’m living closer to Disney World than I probably ever will again, it made sense to get an annual pass. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time planning vacation-y things […]

Is remote research right?

Today I was struck by a section from our readings. Overall, our readings this week pertained to the benefits (and negatives) of remote research, but I noted a particular finding described in a remote research session in the textbook. The book is Remote Research by Nate Bolt and Tony Tulathimutte. Page 12 Page 13 This […]
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